Letting Go

“There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go.”Jessica Hatchigan

Letting go of a part of ourselves that has been with us for as long as we can remember is one the hardest things one can ever do. But it’s in this letting go that we finally start to find ourselves. It’s in letting go that we start to see who we are and how what’s meant for us will always find its way back to us.

I always thought true strength lies in showing up and correcting the wrongs. I thought the dedication that we show in trying to make something work or to make a dream come true shows our character and courage. But it’s when we recognize that we’re not bound to our limitations and that we’re free to choose what we want to spend our energy on and choose which direction we want our lives to take that we realize that the true strength lies in letting go. The true strength lies in recognizing that it’s never about the outcome, it’s about the journey. It’s about believing in our potential to do our best and not limiting ourselves to the end result. 

Sometimes when we’re ready to release or when we’re ready to accept our defeat, moving on requires us to let go of all the memories and efforts that we put into something that was valuable to us once. It’s not because its value decreased in our eyes but it’s because we started to see our value. We finally start to recognize that what is meant for us will find its way to us in some shape, way, or form without requiring us to constantly break and make ourselves.

Be it a career opportunity, friendship, love, or anything else, there is a time and place for everything in our life. Sometimes no matter how much we try we keep finding ourselves in the same situations where we’re left feeling disappointed and rejected. We might have put all the efforts to make something work but, at such times, the hardest and the best thing to do is to let go of all the good and bad that bound us to a situation. Every chapter in our lives teaches us something. The goal is to learn everything that the chapter teaches us and accept when that chapter is closed so that we can take a step towards a new door.

Dear Reader,

If you’re struggling to let go, try and see your situation as an opportunity for new doors to open for you. Try and see if you’re tying your worth to something external. Accept your power and hold your head high because you know that you tried your hardest. You put your heart and soul into something. You were sincere in your efforts and you acted out of genuine appreciation of what you wanted. Imagine if you could put so much into something that was not meant to work out, how easy it would be to make something work that’s meant for you. 

Believe in yourself and tell yourself constantly that you deserve whatever it is that you desire and whatever brings you happiness. If something only brings you struggle and pain, letting go is the gift that you can give yourself to allow yourself to experience the beauty of everything that life has to offer. 

If you’re struggling with a relationship, friendship, work situation, family situation, or any other circumstance in your life. If you know deep down that you’ve tried and done everything that you could, then, appreciate yourself for all the efforts that you’ve put in. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you made because you took the time to sit with yourself and promised yourself not to repeat the same mistakes. It’s not easy to own up to your mistakes and it’s even harder to forgive yourself for what you can’t receive forgiveness for. Recognize the power that you have within you to realize your dreams. 

If you didn’t get that job that you had always dreamt of or if a relationship didn’t work out the way you had desired, take that as a clue to let go of that situation, job or person so that you can be where you’re truly meant to be and allow yourself to heal. Put that energy and effort into loving yourself, and free yourself of any guilt or anger that you’re carrying. Past is a past for a reason. Look forward to what’s in store for you and leverage your learnings to build a life for yourself that you truly desire. Believe that you have everything within you to reach your goals and enjoy the version of life that awaits you.

In Alessia Cara’s words – “And you don’t have to change a thing, The world could change its heart, No scars to your beautiful, We’re stars and we’re beautiful” 🥰

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